As it fades

Monday, October 7, 2019

Careful little dreamer,
Or you’ll give yourself away
Do you not see? Those thoughts, those choices aren’t worth the price
It’s a sickening thought
The journey you desire is shorter than you realize
Perhaps if you think you stand,
You might just be drowning
In the sea of conflict, whose waters lure you in
Making it impossible for you to escape
The crest of the ocean which is fiercely awake

Be watchful little stargazer
Of the galaxies prone to draw you in
Those stars weren’t merely thrown into existence
But crafted by an intelligent designer
With a detail so fine
It would be destructive
To watch it fade away
Purely because you believed
In an all pursuing void

Find peace oh restless soul
In the beauty of your life
Don’t let the lowly voices drown out your priceless worth
The society is plagued with a sinister ambition
To throw you to the floor, in a canny way of manipulation
Take heart as you grow old
Lay yourself a foundation
To set the precept of your future celebrations

Where will your story lie?
Will you have a tale worth telling?
Be careful, oh child
It’s a dangerous world out there,
The air toxic with lies, interlaced with relativity
Fear a primary factor,
In tossing you in a trap
So be sure to watch your steps
As you go on through time
Its gifts of hours, minutes and seconds
Only last for so long

Have courage, brave heart
Through all of the agony you may endure
Don’t let the tempter tempt you
Into walking through his doors
People wander away far too quickly for fear of the unknown
But we were crafted in the hands of a maker,
Who can only make us better, despite the unknown ground we venture

It’s hard to grasp the truth at times,
But don’t fool yourself-
Your ways are not His ways,
And your timing is not His timing

Beware of the trap in dressed up lies,
For there is only one Truth that we may rely on
Only in Him is found a love so fierce and perfect
So fix your eyes on the One Above that you may see the light

There’s a world out there, living in the dark
Their vision in a blur-
The colors aren’t as exuberant as they once were
They begin to see only in black and white, as the pigment is pulled from their veins
Its once alluring hue dies out
And slowly they seep into nothingness
As it fades


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