What Home is to Me

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Here lately, I’ve been thinking about the concept of home.  Home is known as a house, or the place you live, or where you grew up. Maybe it’s your country, or state, or something that is tangible.  But home can’t always be explained as your street number.  Sometimes it’s a face or a voice, or a laugh that is more honest and raw and familiar than any truth you have ever known.  We are shown that home is this place you live and grow.  But to me, home is all that, and more.  Home is the place sweet nostalgic stories were made, where subsequent laughter rings in my ears.  Where familiar voices and all of the goofy jokes arise.  I love where I’m from, my house, my town, my community; the road on the way to my house, the local library, the familiar shops and restaurants, the different parks, and my church.  But I don’t think I ever did more living growing up, than when I had certain people by my side.  With those people, I’ll always feel at home.  They’ve been there with me through lots of laughter and lots of tears.  The thick and thin and everything in between.  Home always keeps me sentimental and nostalgic and I love all the memories that come to mind.


I know this was short, but it was just one of those spontaneous/spur of the moment kind of things.  Enjoy. :) 


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